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Preparation & Dosage Roast all the medicines until it smells sweet and then crush to fine powder. Mix 7.5g per dose in thin rice gruel to eat on an empty stomach.
Diseases and symptom


severe diarrhea with empty sensation in stomach


kidney-diarrhea; morning diarrhea; loose stools at dawn

Resource Donguibogam(東醫寶鑑)(1613.)

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Analytical Information of Prescriptions
IPC A61K 36/57; A61K 36/754; A61P 1/12; A61P 31/04
Keywords Omijasan; Kadsura chinensis Turcz.; Maximowiczia amurensis Rupr.; Maximowiczia chinensis (TURCZ.) RUPR.; Maximowiczia chinensis (Turcz.) Rupr. ex Maxim.; Maximowiczia chinensis Rupr.; Maximowiczia japonica Gray ex K.Koch; Maximowiczia sinensis Rob.; Omija; Polycarpa maximowiczii Regel ex Morren & deVos; Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill.; Schisandra chinensis var. glabra Nakai ex Mori; Schisandra chinensis var. typica Nakai; Schizandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill.; Schizandrae Fructus; Sphaerostema japonica Siebold & Zucc.; Sphaerostema japonicum Gray; Schisandra chinensis BAILL. var. glabrata NAKAI(closely related plant); Maximowiczia chinensis RUPR. var. glabrata NAKAI(closely related plant); Schisandra nigra MAX.(closely related plant); Maximowiczia nigra NAKAI.(closely related plant); Evodia officinalis DODE; Evodia rutaecarpa (JUSS.) BENTH. var. officinalis (DODE) HUANG; Evodia rutaecarpa (Juss.)Benth.; Evodia ruticarpa (A.Juss.) Benth.; Evodiae Fructus; Osuyu; Tetradium ruticarpum (A.Juss.) T.G.Hartley; Evodia daniellii HEMSL.(closely related plant); Tongseol; dysentery; diarrhea; Sinseol; diarrhea; dawn

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DB Publishing Date Dec 6, 2007
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DOI doi: 10.20929/KTKP.PRE.0000088292
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